Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beautiful Scraps Journal Pocket Freebie

Torn and cut. Crumpled, stained or aged, we begin to see life's sacredness in an ordinary piece of paper. I love holding on to bits and scraps because I never know when I might find a use for them.

beautiful scraps journal pocket shown on a corset diaries page
Mingle these old bits together and they can lead you to wondrous combinations you may not otherwise have thought of. This is the beauty of the creative process, the sacredness of beautiful scraps.
Confucius beauty quote
As part of the Corset Diaries series I'm giving you this little journal pocket to use to start your beautiful scrap collection. Keep fabric swatches, paper bits or other ephemera here to help inspire you along your creative way.
journal pocket template - click to download at full size
Add an eyelet to your pocket by using the extra discs. I separated a strand of 2 ply jute to make a tie closure for my pocket giving it a more rustic look. When selecting decorative paper, be sure it coordinates well with the template pattern. Enjoy!


  1. Love delicate!
    And perfect on the corset page.
    Thanks for the template.



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