Saturday, December 15, 2012

Corset Diaries IV: "Nellie" Corset Template

After nearly a week of internet connection issues, Kell Belle is up and running again. Yaaaay! November's paper corset template is way late but here she is. I'm calling this one Nellie which is the perfect country name for our peasant corset. Did you know that the name Nellie was one of the top 25 most often used girl names in 1880? Just a little bit of trivia for ya.

"Nellie" paper corset template for November
I've done something a little bit different with the diary page this time. Notice the Inspiration page instead of the note page. I've got a little free goodie for you to put there that I'll post about tomorrow after you've had the chance to digest your corset template. You're gonna love it!

As always, your instruction/inspiration video appears above. If you create the project I would love to see your work. Feel free to leave a link in the comment section so we can come have a peek. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season so far! Enjoy!


  1. The corset is fabulous...absolutely fabulous. And I love the name...Nellie!! Would work for today

  2. Hola, no encuentro el tutorial donde muestra como hacer este tipo de corset, si me pudiera decir bajo que nombre lo localizo se lo agradeceria, hermosas manualidades son obras de arte :)



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